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Dr Cynthia Hale has a message for all of us!

Come and join us!  First Christian Church, Columbia SC, September 29-October 2 for the South Carolina Disciples of Christ Regional Conference!  For more details click on our link on the right hand side!


Let’s Journey to Believe together!


Mission First is Coming!

What is Mission First all about?

It’s likely your faith community has done some visioning in the last few years. The general expression of the Church is doing the same. As the year 2020 nears, it is time to listen for God’s continuing call and to seek together where God is calling Disciples next in our shared mission and ministry.

Addressing the 2014 General Board, General Minister and President Sharon Watkins set out a challenge:  “The time has come to lighten our load and tighten our focus – on mission!  I am inviting our church, in all its expressions, to join in a conversation on God’s mission for Disciples today.(audio of address) (2014 Communique – PDF)

Since General Board, a group of Disciples from many professional and cultural backgrounds has been meeting about just how to find this new focus. The proposal called Mission First! was presented to the General Board in April 2015. It includes a call to mission and a pilot model for helping us identify a common direction in mission.

Mission First! addresses the need to find a new shared focus in mission. We are not setting aside pro-reconciliation/anti-racism, new and transforming churches or leadership development. Mission First! seeks to help Disciples identify the next mission priorities God has for us as we move toward the year 2020 and beyond.

A short history

Watch Sharon Watkins’ State of the Church’s Mission from the 2015 General Assembly describing how Mission First! will help Disciples find our mission focus.

Sign-Up for a Mission Gathering!

At the heart of this process are Mission Gatherings where we hope you and your leaders will participate in sharing what your congregation is passionate about doing in the mission field. These gatherings may take place at your 2016 regional or racial/ethnic assemblies or at camp or other places where Disciples gather. A Church-wide Mission Council will receive the information from the gatherings and identify a mission focus for a specified time.

Moving forward in this way would call for reorganization of our general church governance structures, so Watkins is asking for a provisional try – a trial run up until 2017. Based on what we learn, we would anticipate making some permanent changes at the 2017 assembly.

For More information Visit: http://missionfirst.disciples.org/

Prayer Calendar

The Christian Church in South Carolina (Disciples of Christ)

Pray and be thankful constantly to Almighty God …. for a strong and faithful church

…. for compassionate, excellent, submitted and visionary leadership in 2016!



On Sunday ….pray in Jesus’ authority for

January 3: Blessed New Year! Our General Minister and President Sharon Watkins & our Regional Minister Sotello V. Long

January 10: St. Stephen, St. Stephen, our Church Consultant Dee Long & Church Leaders in the US and Around the World

January 17: Antioch, Varnville; Alabama/NW Florida Region/ Government Leaders in the US and Around the World

January 24; Lay Men, Women, Youth and Children’s Ministries

January31: Greater Cherry Grove, Brunson; Christian Church Foundation & Florida Region

February 7: Cypress Creek, Walterboro; District Fellowships and Arizona Region

February 14: Three Mile Creek, Ehrhardt; North Carolina Region and Week of Compassion Ministry

February 21: First Christian, Aiken; Global Ministry

February 28: Magdalene, Allendale; Office of the General Minister & President and Indiana Region

March 6: Ashton Branch, Ashton; & Healing the Hurt Ministry, Holly Hill

March 13: Holly Hill, Alvin; Disciples of Christ Historical Society and Pacific Southwest Region

March 20: New Hope, Burton & Christmount Christian Assembly

March 27: New Beginning Outreach Ministries, Walterboro

April 3: St. Phillip, Reevesville & National Benevolent Association

April 10: Rice Patch, Islandton; Communication Ministries and Mid-America Region

April 17: First Christian, Charleston & Kansas Region

April 24: Agape, Columbia & Pension Fund

May 1: Varnville, Varnville; Camp and Conference & New Church Ministry

May 8:  Path of Life, Columbia, All Mothers and Northern California-Nevada Region

May 15: First Christian, Columbia; & Montana Region

May 22: Andrews, Andrews and Michigan Region

May 29:  First Christian, Belvedere & Disciples Affiliated Higher Education Institutions: Colleges, Universities & Seminaries

June 5: Macedonia #1, Ehrhardt;

June 12: First Christian, Jackson & All Fathers








On Sunday ….pray in Jesus’ authority for

June 19: United Love, Fairfax & Illinois-Wisconsin Region

June 26: New Galilee, Holly Hill & Central Rocky Mountain Region

July 3: Poplar Hill, Cross; Great River Region

July 10: Zion Pilgrim, Ridgeville; National Convocation and Northwest Region

July 17: Faithful, Burton, General Assembly, and Georgia Region

July 24:  Briner, Holly Hill and Upper Midwest Region

July 31: Central, Beaufort & World Convention

August 7: Hispanic Ministries & North American Pacific Asian Disciples

August 14: My Father’s House Ministry, Moncks Corner and Ohio Region

August 21: Luray, Luray and Greater Kansas City Region

August 28: Canaan, Moncks Corner & Oklahoma Region

September 4: First Christian, Greenville and Oregon Region

September 11: Liberty Hill, Ridgeville and Pennsylvania Region

September 18: S C Regional Conference, Disciples Home Missions and Tennessee Region

September 25: Reconciliation Ministry and SERF Reconciliation & Kentucky Region

October 2: New Grove Hall, Summerville

October 9: Rhett Avenue, North Charleston & Center for Faith and Giving

October 16: All Clergy Ministry & Southwest Region

October 23: Old Antioch & Virginia Region

October 31:  Rock Hill, Sycamore; Christian Board of Publication and Northeastern Region

November 6: Capital Area Region & West Virginia Region

November 13: Sun Coast, Myrtle Beach & Council on Christian Unity

November 20:  Higher Education and Leadership Ministries and Nebraska Region

November 27: Church Extension {Disciples Church Extension Fund & Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation}

December 4: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in US & Canada Region & especially South Carolina

December 11:  Blessings to all Pastors & All Care Givers

December 18: Blessings to all Parents, Guardians, Children and Families

December 25: Blessed Christmas Joy and Peace to the World – Thank God for Jesus!