Regional Minister Job Description


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Regional Minister Job Description

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in South Carolina is seeking a pastoral leader to lead its congregations, as Regional Minister, in the hard work of building and maintaining the relationships necessary for it to be faithful in the strengthening and development of the ministry of its congregations.

Our expectation is that our Regional Minister will be “our pastor” as s/he leads us in all aspects of our regional church life.

As our pastoral leader, our Regional Minister, is expected to seek every opportunity to offer spiritual support to the ministry of our congregations, strengthen the covenant relationship between them and lead them in

Continuous Consultation and Collaboration.

As our pastoral leader, our Regional Minister, will oversee the administrative matters and organizational needs of our Regional Church.

As our pastoral leader, our Regional Minister will cultivate a ‘whole church mindset’ that will keep us focused on our commitments to our General and Ecumenical expressions of Church. 

Challenges, Needs, Concerns

  • Ongoing affirmation of the 2012 merger of “Convention” and “Assembly” Congregations and continual attention to the opportunities for witness and the unfinished relational and organizational tasks merger presents to us.
  • Pro-Reconciling Anti-Racism training for all congregational and Regional Church leaders and staff.
  • Teaching the history, tradition and ways of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a pressing need.
  • As a regional church, we have discerned a need for transformational thinking and leadership.   

We commit to surrounding our Regional Minister with a supportive circle of leaders that will respect his/her leadership, offer caring and creative counsel for the work required and be prayer partners focused on his/her spiritual wellbeing.


Ordained Disciples of Christ ministers who hold a Master of Divinity from an institution accredited by the Association of Theological Schools will be considered.

We will interview candidates for the position of Regional Minister who have a current profile and criminal background check available through our Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Search and Call System.

A “Letter of Interest”, written after reading the following documents, and submitted by September 15, 2019, is required in order to be considered:

The following documents can be found at

  • South Carolina Disciples of Christ: Identity, Vision, Mission
  • South Carolina Disciples of Christ: Our Strength, Our Need, Our Hope

Please send your “Letter of Interest” to:

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in South Carolina

Regional Minister Search and Transition Team

C/O Rev. Dr. Freddie Lawton

24 Pleasant Point Drive

Beaufort, SC 29907

Our hope is to secure a Regional Minister with abundant experience as a congregational pastor, trained in counseling, who has completed a unit or more of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and possesses solid administrative skills.


We are committed to negotiating the best possible salary package we are able to with dignity and appreciation for the experience and education of the candidate.

May God guide our hearts and minds as we consider the opportunities before us.

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